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Provisional program of the workshop

Wednesday, February 9th 2011

  • 8h: Pick up at the Ibis Liege-Seraing hotel
  • 8h: Welcome - Secretariat opening
  • 8h30-10h10: Introduction + Session A « Physical modeling (release capacity) »
    • Introductory lecture: Lemperière F., Ouamane A., Vigny J.-P. “General comments on labyrinths and P.K. Weirs - The past and present”
    • Introductory lecture: Crookston B.M., Tullis B.P. “Hydraulic characteristics of labyrinth weirs”
    • Dugué V., Hachem F., Boillat J.-L., Nagel V., Roca J.-P., Laugier F. “PK-Weir and flap gate spillway for the Gage II Dam”
    • Erpicum S., Laugier F., Nagel V. “PK-Weir design optimization at Raviege dam”
  • 10h10-10h40: Coffee break
  • 10h40-12h20: Session A « Physical modeling (release capacity) »
    • Ouamane A. “Nine years of study of the Piano Key Weir in the university laboratory of Biskra " Lessons and reflections"”
    • Machiels O., Erpicum S., Archambeau P., Dewals B., Pirotton M. “Influence of the PKW height on its discharge capacity”
    • Ben Saïd M., Ouamane A. “Study of optimization of labyrinth weir”
    • Anderson R.M., Tullis B. “Influence of Piano Key Weir geometry on discharge”
    • Cicéro G.-M., Barcouda M., Luck M., Vettori E. “Study of piano-key morning glory to increase the spillway capacity of the Bage Dam”
  • 12h20-14h: Lunch
  • 14h-15h40: Session F « Physical modeling (downstream) »
    • Belaabed F., Ouamane A. “Contribution to the study of the Piano Key Weirs submerged by the downstream level”
    • Lopes R., Matos J., Melo J.F. “Flow properties and residual energy downstream of labyrinth weirs”
    • Erpicum S., Daux C., Machiels O., Archambeau P., Dewals B., Pirotton M. “Energy dissipation on a stepped spillway downstream of a PKW - Experimental study”
    • Leite Ribeiro M., Boillat J.-L., Schleiss A.J., Laugier F. “Coupled spillway devices and energy dissipation system at St-Marc Dam (France)”
    • Bieri M., Federspiel M., Boillat J.-L., Houdant B., Faramond L., Delorme F. “Energy dissipation downstream of Piano Key Weirs - Case study of Gloriettes Dam (France)”
  • 15h40-16h10: Coffee break
  • 16h10-17h50: Session B « Numerical modeling »
    • Erpicum S., Machiels O., Archambeau P., Dewals B., Pirotton M. “1D numerical modeling of the flow over a Piano Key Weir”
    • Pralong J., Montarros F., Blancher B., Laugier F. “A sensitivity analysis of Piano Key Weirs geometrical parameters based on 3D numerical modeling”
    • Blancher B., Montarros F., Laugier F. “Hydraulic comparison between piano-keys weirs and labyrinth spillways”
    • Laugier F., Pralong J., Blancher B. “Influence of structural thickness of sidewalls on PKW spillway discharge capacity”
    • Cicéro G.-M., Menon J.-M., Luuck M., Pinchard T. “Experimental study of side and scale effects on hydraulic performances of a pk-weir”
  • 18h30-19h30: Visit of the Laboratory of Engineering Hydraulics
  • 19h30-21h: Walking dinner in the Laboratory
  • 21h: Bus to the Ibis Liege-Seraing hotel

Thursday, February 10th 2011

  • 7h30: Pick up at the Ibis Liege-Seraing hotel
  • 8h-10h: Session C « Design »
    • Introductory lecture: Schleiss A.J. “From labyrinth to piano key weirs - a historical review”
    • Ouamane A., Noui A. “Study optimizing the piano key weir spillways”
    • Leite Ribeiro M., Le Doucen O., Boillat J.-L., Schleiss A.J. “Experimental parametric study for hydraulic design of PK-Weirs”
    • Ho Ta Khanh M., Chi Hien T., Thanh Hai N. “Main results of the P.K weir model tests in Vietnam (2004 to 2010)”
    • Machiels O., Erpicum S., Archambeau P., Dewals B., Pirotton M. “PKW preliminary design method – Application to a new dam project”
    • Cicéro G.-M. “Method to design a pk-weir with a shape and hydraulic performances”
  • 10h-10h30: Coffee break
  • 10h30-12h10: Session D « Planned and existing projects »
    • Vermeulen J., Laugier F., Faramond L., Gille C. “Lessons learnt from design and construction of EDF first Piano Key Weirs”
    • Ho Ta Khanh M., Sy Quat D., Xuan Thuy D. “P.K weirs under design and construction in Vietnam (2010) “
    • Pinchard T., Boutet J.-M., Cicéro G.-M. “Spillway capacity upgrade at Malarce dam : design of an additional piano key weir spillway”
    • Bazerque L., Agresti P., Guilbaud C., Al Harty S., Ströbl T. “A dam equipped with labyrinth spillway in the Sultanate of Oman”
    • Le Blanc M., Spinazzola U., Kocahan H. “Labyrinth fusegate applications on free overflow spillways - Overview of recent projects”
  • 12h10-14h: Lunch
  • 14h-16h: Session E « Nomenclature, Data base, Future »
    • Pralong J., Vermeulen J., Laugier F., Erpicum S., Boillat J.-L. “A naming convention for the Piano Key Weirs geometrical parameters”
    • Discussion about the creation of a data base
    • Laugier F., Pralong J., Blancher B., Montarros F. “Development of a new concept of Piano Key Weir spillway to increase low head hydraulic efficiency : fractal PKW”
    • Vigny J.-P., Lemperière F. “General comments on labyrinths and P.K. Weirs - The future”
    • Research axes and closing of the workshop
  • 17h: Transfer by bus to the Liège-Guillemins train station

Start of the Technical tour (optional)

Program of the technical tour (optional):

Thursday, February 10th 2011

  • 17h49-19h59: Transfer to Paris by train (dinner in the train)
  • Transfer to the Hôtel des Gobelins*** by metro or RER
  • Night in Paris, near Paris-Austerlitz train station

Friday, February 11th 2011

  • 5h30: Breakfast at the hotel
  • 6h: Walk to Paris-Austerlitz train station (+/- 15 min)
  • 6h37-9h42: Train to Limoges
  • 9h45-10h30: Transfer by bus
  • 10h30-12h30: Visit of the EDF « Barrage de Saint Marc » and its PK-Weir
  • 12h30-15h: Lunch and transfer by bus
  • 15h-16h: Visit of the EDF « Barrage de l’Etroit » and its PK-Weir
  • 16h-16h45: Transfer by bus to Limoges train station (train to Paris at 17h06 or 17h20)
  • 16h45-17h15: Transfer by bus to Limoges airport (flight to Lyon at 18h10 and to Paris-Orly at 18h20)

End of the technical tour

Etroit Dam Pk-Weirs Saint Marc Dam PK Weirs

Etroit dam pk-weir and Saint marc dam pk-weir

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