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World Register of PKW

The WORLD REGISTER of Piano Key Weirs aims at gathering all PKW projects which were realized so far.

A form including technical information has been completed for each project and is available on this page.

Information was provided by Owner or Engineers who were involved in projects.

Two Algerian dam labyrinth spillway have also been added in the register as they are close to the PKW concept. They can be considered as “ancestor” of modern PKW and probably deserve to be part of this world register .

This document was created for the 3rd PKW workshop held in Vietnam in 2017.

PKW Hazelmere Dam.pdf1.01 MB
PKW Loombah Dam.pdf1.01 MB
PKW_Beaufort.pdf806.71 KB
PKW_BlackEsk.pdf948.05 KB
PKW_Campauleil.pdf867.88 KB
PKW_Charmines.pdf854.05 KB
PKW_Da Dang 3.pdf893.85 KB
PKW_Dak Mi 3.pdf984.15 KB
PKW_Dak Mi 4B.pdf888.26 KB
PKW_Dak Rong 3.pdf927.02 KB
PKW_Escouloubre.pdf859.8 KB
PKW_Etroit.pdf845.08 KB
PKW_Gage.pdf752.23 KB
PKW_Giritale.pdf860.5 KB
PKW_Gloriettes.pdf949.6 KB
PKW_Gouillet.pdf1.02 MB
PKW_Goulours.pdf822.68 KB
PKW_Malarce.pdf889.26 KB
PKW_Oule.pdf805.95 KB
PKW_Ouljet_Mellegue.pdf747.5 KB
PKW_Rambawa.pdf894.26 KB
PKW_Rassisse.pdf806.71 KB
PKW_Raviege.pdf827.04 KB
PKW_Record.pdf944.16 KB
PKW_SaintMarc.pdf769.37 KB
PKW_Sawra Kuddu.pdf890.37 KB
PKW_Van Phong.pdf809.41 KB
PKW_Xuan Minh.pdf768.71 KB